Hyundai Files for ‘N74’ Trademark, Hinting at Possible Sports Car

Hyundai Files for ‘N74’ Trademark, Hinting at Possible Sports Car


In the world of automobiles, when a renowned company like Hyundai files for a trademark related to a sports car, it sets the automotive community abuzz with anticipation and curiosity. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing news of Hyundai filing for the ‘N74’ trademark, suggesting the possibility of a sports car on the horizon. Join us as we explore the details and implications of this exciting development.

The Hyundai ‘N74’ Trademark Filing

Hyundai’s recent trademark filing for ‘N74’ has sent shockwaves through the automotive industry. This bold move hints at the company’s intentions to expand its portfolio with a new sports car model. Let’s take a closer look at what this filing signifies.

The ‘N’ Series: A Legacy of Performance

Hyundai’s ‘N’ series has become synonymous with high-performance vehicles. The ‘N’ stands for Namyang, Hyundai’s research and development center in South Korea. Models like the Veloster N and i30 N have showcased Hyundai’s commitment to delivering exhilarating driving experiences. The ‘N74’ could be the next addition to this prestigious lineup.

What the Number ’74’ Could Signify

In the world of automotive enthusiasts, numbers often carry significant meaning. While Hyundai has not officially disclosed the significance of ’74,’ it could represent various aspects, such as engine displacement, horsepower, or a nod to a historical milestone. The mystery surrounding this number only adds to the excitement.

Competition and Expectations

Hyundai’s potential entry into the sports car market will undoubtedly pit it against established players like BMW, Porsche, and Audi. Car enthusiasts are eager to see how Hyundai plans to distinguish itself and what innovations it will bring to the table.

The Hyundai ‘N74’ Trademark: Speculation and Rumors

Speculation and rumors are an integral part of any major automotive development. Here are some of the most intriguing rumors surrounding the Hyundai ‘N74’ trademark filing.

Engine Choices

Enthusiasts are speculating about the type of engine the ‘N74’ might feature. Will it be a high-revving turbocharged four-cylinder or a potent V6? Hyundai’s history suggests that they might opt for a turbocharged powerplant to deliver thrilling performance.

Design Philosophy

The design of a sports car plays a pivotal role in its success. Will Hyundai go for a sleek and aerodynamic look or opt for a more aggressive and muscular appearance? Only time will reveal the design philosophy behind the ‘N74.’

Expected Release Date

One of the burning questions is when we can expect to see the ‘N74’ hit the roads. While Hyundai has remained tight-lipped about this, some insiders suggest that a debut within the next two years is a possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the significance of the ‘N’ in Hyundai’s ‘N’ series? A: The ‘N’ stands for Namyang, Hyundai’s research and development center, and it signifies high-performance vehicles in Hyundai’s lineup.

Q: When did Hyundai file for the ‘N74’ trademark? A: The exact filing date has not been disclosed, but it recently came to public attention.

Q: What can we expect from Hyundai’s ‘N74’ sports car? A: While details are scarce, enthusiasts anticipate a high-performance sports car designed to compete with established rivals.

Q: How does the ‘N74’ fit into Hyundai’s current lineup? A: The ‘N74’ would likely join Hyundai’s ‘N’ series of high-performance vehicles, offering a new and exciting option for enthusiasts.

Q: Are there any teasers or hints about the ‘N74’s’ features? A: Hyundai has not released any official teasers or hints, leaving enthusiasts eagerly awaiting further information.

Q: What does the future hold for Hyundai’s ‘N’ series? A: With the ‘N74’ on the horizon, Hyundai’s ‘N’ series is poised for expansion, promising more thrilling driving experiences.


Hyundai’s filing for the ‘N74’ trademark has ignited the imagination of car enthusiasts worldwide. While many questions remain unanswered, the prospect of a new high-performance sports car from Hyundai is undeniably exciting. As we eagerly await more information, one thing is certain – the automotive world is in for a thrilling ride.

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