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The Future of BMW: Introducing the BMW Vision Neue Klasse - Most Expensive Car | Cheap Luxury Cars

The Future of BMW: Introducing the BMW Vision Neue Klasse

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse is a concept car recently revealed by BMW, showcasing the direction the company is taking in terms of design and electric vehicle (EV) technology. Here are some key highlights from the article:

1. **Design Evolution:** The Neue Klasse represents a significant shift in BMW’s design language, combining a modern look with some retro elements. It features a unique horizontal kidney grille that integrates driver-assist sensors, providing a cleaner front-end appearance. The car also incorporates 3D-printed light elements in its taillights for added visual depth.

2. **Retro Touch:** The Neue Klasse pays homage to BMW’s past by featuring a forward-slanting shark nose front-end, powerful wheel arches, and a retracted greenhouse, reminiscent of classic BMW models.

3. **Electric Improvements:** BMW has outlined several advancements in EV technology with the Neue Klasse. It uses newly-developed battery cells with round shapes, resulting in a 20% increase in energy density compared to current cells. Charging speed will be 30% faster, and overall driving efficiency will improve by up to 25%, or up to 40% in winter conditions, thanks to a heat pump. These improvements are expected to lead to a 30% increase in the range, potentially reaching 400 miles on a single charge.

4. **Interior Design:** The interior of the Neue Klasse is characterized by a unique blend of materials. It features yellow-ish corduroy upholstery on the seats, part of BMW’s exploration of non-leather materials for future interiors. The cabin emphasizes a spacious and well-lit atmosphere with an abundance of glass and a low beltline. The car also introduces the next generation of BMW iDrive and a full-width Panoramic Vision display that can be controlled via touchscreen or a new touch controller on the steering wheel.

5. **Availability:** While the Neue Klasse is currently a concept car, BMW plans to integrate many of its design features and technology into future BMW EVs. BMW expects to see the Neue Klasse on the road by 2025.

In summary, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse represents a bold new design direction for BMW, with a focus on electric vehicle technology and sustainable materials in the interior. This concept car offers a glimpse into BMW’s vision for its future EV lineup.

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